Hubertus LeverLock "Krupp Steel 100th Anniversary"

This is a nice one old world quality! 11cm White Bone leverlock. Blade sits nice with no gaps. Fires perfect! Here is a short history behind why this knife was produced. KRUPP steelworks were founded in the industrial area of Germany in the city of ESSEN in 1875. The company developed the most economic melting machineries and blast-furnaces and manufactured both steel as raw material, but also a lot of industrial machinery, vehicles and gears. Krupp company is still one of the most famous German industrial companies and merged with another leading German steelwork to THYSSEN-KRUPP company a few years ago. The 100th anniversary of KRUPP company in 1975 made a supplier of Hubertus request a custom made edition of a large CARBON STEEL bladed LL. The front side of the blade is marked with Krupp steelworks' logo and the German term "Deutsche Qualit├Ąt aus Kruppstahl", German Quality made out of Krupp Steel".
Hubertus LeverLock "Krupp Steel 100th Anniversary"
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